SIT Academy for companies

Access custom-designed executive education for organizations

For organizations, SIT Academy offers bespoke executive education programs in the fields of Computer Science, Physics, and Business Science.

All of our education is market- and technology-driven, taught by internationally recognized scientists and industry leaders. With SIT Academy, you can prepare the agile leadership needed to usher your company into the digital age.

Together with SIT Academy, you can co-design a unique learning experience directly linked to your organization’s business objectives. Here are just a few courses that we can build for your organization.

We offer courses on these topics

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how to harness the power of analytics to make better business decisions.

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Cyber Security online course

Understand and manage IT and cybersecurity. Protect your company from cyber threats.

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Leadership training

Our training program provides the concepts and the practices of Leadership in a high impact learning-environment.

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Legal matters!

As a startup, learn how to navigate legal pitfalls.

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The future of advanced materials

Ensure that novel integration or application of the latest materials developments become commercial successes.

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What is Quantum Technology?

Everything you need to know about quantum technology. What changes will the quantum revolution bring?

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We can also design a course specifically for your organization in the fields of computer science, business science, and physics. Contact us for more information. 

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